The BeachRunner is a solid land yacht with a broad using range. As soon as there is enough wind you will have much fun with the BeachRunner. You can sail with the BeachRunner either on the beach, on the lawn as well as on the non-occupied parking area of the supermarket and on an abandoned airfield. You can use the land yacht almost everywhere.

The most comfortable cushioned seat offers an extremely good sitting position comparable with a big land yacht. Because of the variable length of the steering axle and the extremely solid construction of the BeachRunner it is suitable for persons’ weights from 30 kg to 110 kg.

The mast can do without reinforced quests which offers a quick and easy jumping into the BeachRunner seat and going out. The BeachRunner can be started like a big land yacht and easily pushed under slow wind conditions. For a broad range use there will be a lot of sails in different sizes available in the near future. We recommend for pilots’ weights less than 70 kg a 3.5 sqm sail and for pilots’ weights more than 70 kg a 4.6 sqm sail.

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